Interior Design

Modern Retro Living Room

Retro is a style that involves a blend of the classics music, modes, Fashion and even achievements. As we progress the earlier retro styles keep evolving and can be blended with the new to create a modern feel. The new modern retro living spaces will definitely bring out the full potential of your space.

Open Plan Living

With every bit of space being utilized, an open plan layout can really help to make the retro style by displaying your beautiful collection in one space. The collection can involve lighting fixture, artworks, retro lampshades, retro seats and more. This design creates a clean canvas for you to play around with.

Bold Wall Colours

As there are plenty of colours to choose from. The use of bold colours keeps a clear statement and the furniture on display definitely pops out and engages the room. Bold plain colours also assist in making it easy while decorating the room, hence ensuring there’s is a proper flow in decorations.


Retro style lighting in the past depended on limited designs to make a room well lit. But as of the recent past, different modes of lighting are in place, from skylights for natural lighting to LED lights which are even better. IN modern retro living, the use of LED cables helps stimulate different moods with the use of colours which will definitely assist in bringing out the rooms full potential.

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