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Scandinavian Interior Style – How to Achieve It?

You can achieve a Scandinavian-style interior design by making a few changes to your space. The concept to have in mind should be a clean, bright, and clutter-free space that is functional and long-lasting. Here are a few tips to get you started:

White Walls

There is no better way to achieve a clean look with clear lines than having white walls. Go for a brilliant white that not only looks clean but will also make any room feel larger. White looks even better in rooms that have access to natural light. Any other piece that you add to space will stand out against the white. It is a small step but goes a long way in your room transformation.


You can easily achieve a Scandinavian interior design feel by altering your light fixtures. Choose lamps, lights, and holders with a rustic and natural feel that will accentuate the room. Most rustic items come in natural hues, which blend in perfectly into the Scandinavian theme. Rope and rattan light accessories are easily accessible to transform your space without doing too much. Keep your colors minimal with white, browns, and black.

Open Shelving

An authentic Scandinavian interior design space will have open shelving as opposed to closed cabinets. This applies to all areas of the home or office, including kitchens and bathrooms. Open shelving opens up space and gives an illusion of bigger space, even in small rooms. You also resist the temptation of hoarding items since open shelves require basic functional pieces to keep the room free of clutter.

Industrial Complimentary Pieces

The industrial trend has made its way to many modern and contemporary homes. It still sits well with Scandinavian interiors, making it look simple and appealing. The two styles blend in seamlessly as they both use natural materials. Therefore, you can use industrial accent pieces such as mirrors and shelving to complement your Scandinavian space. An industrial table with Scandinavian chairs also looks perfect for a dining area as long as you keep your wood colors coordinated. “For more inspiration, check out Tylko’s article about Scandinavian interior design”:

Natural Accent Pieces

Apart from the main pieces of furniture and wall color, smaller decor pieces can help you achieve a perfect Scandinavian-inspired interior design style. Stone carvings, brass, and copper pieces are an example of pieces you can use. Any metal that adopts an earthly natural hue can work as long as you place the pieces strategically to complement space without adding clutter.

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